Studio Rental

Studio rental is available at a minimum of 2 hours for $100.  Each additional hour is $50.  Discounts for half day and full day rental.

This includes the use of studio lights, backgrounds, miscellaneous props and green screen.  See the studio pictures below for a better idea, natural and artificial window light are available too!

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4 thoughts on “Studio Rental”

  1. Ron Sands said:

    Congratulations Mitch! Knowing your personal works, I can’t imagine the studio being anything less than outstanding. —- Ron Sands

  2. Thanks Ron, there’s still a little work to be done before we open but we’re very happy with the location. You’ll have to make it out to an event and see for yourself! Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words!

    Happy Shooting!

  3. Amonte Littlejohn said:

    The pics of your new site look to hold a lot of promise. Until I mapped it out, I thought it was too far away. I had no idea where Barberton is. But, I see it’s no farther than The Studio. I look forward to a session there. And Charlie is so excellent to work with. Unfortunately, i have a shoot of my own that afternoon. Congratulations on your new studio, Maestro!

    • Thanks Amonte, yes we are very conveniently located! Charlie is always great, sorry you cannot make it but rest assured we’ll have something else coming up soon enough! (You can always set something up directly as well). Hope to see you out soon!

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